AlterNatives to Traditional Orthodontics


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a better looking facial profile then you might’ve come across a unique type of braces called Epigenetic orthodontics.
Also known as full face orthodontics, this orthodontic specialty focuses on the development and alignment of your whole mid-face and jaw, not just your teeth.
You see, traditional braces use retraction which means that they pull the teeth backwards to close spaces and straighten teeth. Although your smile might be straight, your jaw is likely to be in the incorrect position (meaning the likelihood of TMD) and crooked teeth are really just a symptom of poor facial development—and that won’t be corrected with traditional braces.
Epigenetic orthodontics is typically combined with a growth appliance and this makes all the difference.

Myofunctional – The Natural Way to a Beautiful Smile

75% of kids today are already showing signs of teeth misalignment, crowded teeth, and incorrect facial development.
Why does this happen: Mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position, and incorrect swallowing activity.
Early treatment can prevent the need for braces later on or relapse after braces. 70% of the growth of your child’s face and jaw occurs between ages 2-5 years. Don’t wait until they are 12-14 years old. We can screen them now and prevent bad habits from developing such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, bottle feeding, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing. These habits cause the jaws to incorrectly develop which leads to crowding of the teeth, TMJ pain, and possible sleep apnea.
The Vivos Appliance System can correct these bad habits. By correcting these habits, we may be able to prevent TMJ and Sleep Apnea.


The face is mostly made of the maxilla and mandible, and if as a child you were exposed to an environment that stunted the proper growth, or you developed poor habits (like breathing through your mouth) there’s a good chance that your face did not grow the way that it should.
When this is the case, you will find that you have a recessed chin, flat cheek line, thinner lips, and a short & obscure jaw line.
However, a face that did develop properly with forward facial growth, it will have a cheek line that slants forward, fuller lips, and a jawline that is defined.
As a face grows forward, it not only increases the space that is available for your teeth, but also the airway and tongue. And improved breathing means improved energy levels & quality sleep!

Beauty Benefits of Forward Facial Growth

Straightening your teeth alone just gives you a pretty smile, but if you’re after full facial beauty, then correcting under-developed facial structure & jawbones will dramatically improve your appearance.
Improved facial bone structure and a correctly proportioned jaw can balance out the following:
• Nose
• Lips
• Cheekbones
• Weak or recessed jaw
• Under-eye bags
• Sloping forehead

The final result? With Epigenetic orthodontics, you can have the benefits of cosmetic surgery without needing any surgery at all. And THAT can feel priceless!


Ok, by now you’re probably thinking that you’re totally on-board because who wouldn’t want improved facial aesthetics without injections, jaw surgery, or chin implants?! And as an adult (who is done “growing”) you might’ve thought those things were your only options.
Luckily, us dentists also want to help patients avoid surgery.
Let’s break down the treatments we offer at Integrated Family Dentistry to improve your smile, bite, facial beauty, and breathing:


Our Exceptional Dentistry team is the only dental office in Eugene, Oregon that treats our patients with the Daytime-Nighttime Appliance® (DNA Appliance®) and VIVOS Guides thanks to our dentist, Dr. Mercedes Del Valle’s unique approach to dentistry that addresses root causes along with your symptoms).
The DNA Appliance works like a retainer that guides your teeth, jaw, and facial structure, and treats bad bites to place them in their optimal position. It does this by addressing your sleep apnea and TMJ disorder to give you the relief you need while improving the look of your smile and facial structure.
While it might look like a wired retainer, it’s actually a bone growth appliance that expands the upper arch of your jaw. By stimulating growth in your upper jaw, it lets your lower jaw move forward.
As this growth takes place, it creates room for crowded teeth, opens up and enlarges your airway and move your face forward. Whew, that’s a lot of goals accomplished just by wearing a dental appliance!

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic orthodontics not only creates straighter teeth, it also opens the airway and increases your ease of breathing.
By focusing on your whole face instead of just your teeth, your smile and your face (shape & structure) are improved, along with the jaw alignment, and jaw size. This is accomplished with the help of a specialized growth appliance that looks pretty much like a retainer. It works by stimulating your jaw without resorting to surgery to re-develop and remodel where straight, healthy teeth can thrive.
After that growth is accomplished, Epigenetic orthodontics uses protraction (bringing the teeth forward) to straighten out those pearly whites, while keeping the integrity of your optimal bite position.
Essentially, the approach used with Epigenetic orthodontics is to treat the jaw alignment first and then align the teeth to give them the spacious foundation they need.


As you can see, there are many benefits to combining treatment so that your face can achieve the proper growth & positioning.
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