A new way to straighten your teeth, alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder, and even permanently correct sleep apnea and reduce snoring is available here at Mercedes R. Del VD PC. – and it could be revolutionary.

People with Sleep Apnea often snore, gasp, stop breathing, and have interrupted sleep patterns. As a result, they can experience daytime drowsiness, fatigue, foggy minds, to name just a few. While Sleep Apnea and snoring are serious disorders that can worsen many health conditions, the Vivos Appliance System represents a breakthrough treatment proven to naturally remodel, reposition, and redevelop the anatomy that surrounds the human airway.

Dr. Mercedes Del Valle is now offering the DNA Appliance, a virtually painless and discrete treatment that can help both adults and children. The Daytime-Nighttime Appliance, or DNA treatment, is part of a specialty field of orthodontics called Epigenetic Orthodontics.

This technique is designed to enhance the development and function of underlying jaw and nasal structures without using braces or facial “gear.” It can take much less time than other procedures, and has been proven to be very effective at treating an array of conditions.

Benefits of DNA Appliance

The DNA Appliance can help correct a number of orthodontic issues, in addition to treating symptoms of TMJ and helping those are afflicted with sleep apnea.
Benefits of this innovative treatment include:
– Improvement in teeth alignment Improvement in sleep apnea and snoring
– Improvement in TMJ symptoms
– Non-painful
– Discrete
– No uncomfortable headgear or braces
– Designed for both adults and children

How the VIVOS DNA Appliance Works

The removable DNA Appliance works by widening the upper arch and the nasal passages, allowing more airflow to pass through. The lower arch can then move into an improved position.
This innovative treatment can be helpful for a number of problems:
– It can help to straighten the teeth, relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder, and permanently correct causes of sleep apnea by moving structures of the jaw into a more natural position.
– DNA Appliance for Teeth Alignment Designed to be worn at night during sleep,
– The DNA Appliance can serve as an orthodontic alternative, without the need for uncomfortable braces and wires.
– The DNA appliance does not just move the teeth through bone, it actually works to help guide the growth of the jaw into a more desirable position, which can ultimately help improve teeth alignment.
– The DNA Appliance is very similar to a removable orthodontic retainer, and it is typically effective in about half the time it takes for braces to work.
– It’s painless! It can also be very effective in children who need upper arch expansion.
– DNA Appliance for Sleep Apnea An estimated 18 million people in America suffer from sleep apnea – a condition characterized by pauses of breath and/or low breathing during sleep. Snoring is a common side effect, and people with sleep apnea are often not even aware that they have difficulty breathing. The fact is, sleep apnea is an extraordinarily serious condition which can ultimately contribute to stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, hear disease, depression, fatigue, and impotence.
– The DNA Appliance can help with sleep apnea without the need for drugs, surgery, or cumbersome facial gear to be worn at night. An alternative to the CPAP (a traditional method of helping patients control symptoms by keeping the airway open),
– The DNA Appliance is designed to be more comfortable and is only to be worn during sleep.
– The DNA Appliance can work to open the upper airway and address the causes of sleep apnea, helping to reduce snoring and breathing pauses.

Patients who undergo Vivos Appliance therapy often report a noticeable improvement in facial symmetry and aesthetics as their Sleep Apnea symptoms dissipate. Also, many patients with a history of headaches and pain from TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) often find lasting relief.

The difference between the DNA Appliance and the CPAP and other

Devices is that, while those treatments may help control symptoms, they typically only work while the device is being worn.
– The DNA Appliance works to permanently fix the causes of sleep apnea so that you won’t have to continuously wear uncomfortable gear while you sleep.

Many people are not able to use a CPAP machine to treat Sleep Apnea because they are uncomfortable, the air pressure is too high, or the tongue is still blocking their airway. This is usually called CPAP intolerance. In addition to the Vivos Appliance System, we also have other oral appliances to treat Sleep Apnea that can be more comfortable, and easier to travel with, which may be an alternative to CPAP machines for you.

Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person’s natural genes to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets. Click here to see the video-interview with Dental Economics Click here to listen to an Interview with the Australian Dental Association

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