Crowns and Bridges

Revitalize your pearly whites When your smile isn’t looking its best, it may be time to consider crowns and bridges, and the benefits they can hold for you.

Hide your missing teeth

Whether you’ve lost teeth in accidents or over the course of life, you don’t have to live with unsightly gaps. Crowns and bridges are surgical ways to replace your teeth to help your smile look its best.

Is a crown right for you?

When you have a tooth that is cracked, decaying, or severely discolored, crowns might be the best way to restore your smile. Crowns are thin porcelain caps that attach over a problematic tooth to stop further decay or damages. Not sure about crowns? When you make an appointment, we’re happy to help you choose the right option. We offer the latest CEREC technology and in just one visit you can leave with a new smile. No temporary’s and no second visit. Click here to learn more!

Use bridges to repair your smile

When you have multiple teeth that are decaying, cracking or otherwise causing you problems, a bridge might be the right choice. A bridge is a series of two or more crowns that are attached and used over multiple teeth, rather than a singular crown. When you have dental problems, we have answers. Call today to learn more!

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