Sedation Dentistry

Many people get nervous about going to the dentist. The sounds, the lights, holding your mouth open for cleaning and examination – these things can make some people very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, in fact, that they don’t schedule their routine checkups and cleanings.

Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate dental phobia once and for all?

If you have avoided visiting your Eugene dentist because of phobia, anxiety or stress, it’s time to discover sedation dentistry at Downtown Eugene Dental with Dr. Mercedes Del Valle, DDS FAGD. Whether you need a cavity filled, dental implants, treatment for sore gums – or even cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth or fix a chipped tooth – you’ll float through it all without the stress or fear you may have experienced before. Sedation provides a means of relaxing while you are at the dentist so that you can get the care you need and deserve.

Sedation dentistry involves using a sedative to induce relaxation, sleep or feelings of calm.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Dr. Mercedes Del Valle in Eugene Oregon offers the following forms of sedation:

1. Nitrous oxide. You may have heard this gas referred to as “laughing gas.” So-called because of the feeling of lightness and levity it provides. Nitrous oxide is administered through a small mask you wear over your nose. Nitrous oxide tends to be used for the lightest level of sedation. You’ll still be fully awake, but it provides a level of relaxation that can help you forget your worries, anxieties, and nervousness. This is our lightest form of sedation; one can drive to and from their appointment.
2. Minimal level oral sedation. This sedation is administered orally. You will be given a pill to swallow prior to your dental treatment. Additional pills may be given during the procedure depending on the patient and the length of treatment. The medication will place you in a state of “conscious sedation.” You will likely feel sleepy, and you may even drift off to sleep, but this sedation does not place you in a state of unconsciousness like general anesthesia. You will be able to respond to our instructions if any are given. You may have little to no memory of the appointment. Oral sedation is a great way for anxious patients to relax during their appointments. Most of our fearful and anxious patients elect this sedation and have a wonderful dental experience. With this type of sedation, transportation to and from your appointment will need to be arranged. Dr. Mercedes Del Valle is one of only 22 dentists in the Eugene Springfield Oregon area that can deliver minimal sedation.

A Dental Experience So Relaxing. It Feels Like a Dream

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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mercedes Del Valle, please contact us today at 541-341-1404. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you decide if sedation dentistry is a good match for your expectations.
Sedation Dentistry Candidates.

The most common reasons people ask about sedation dentistry are:
- Require extensive dental work or multiple dental procedures that will result in a long appointment and a lot of time in the treatment chair.
- The tendency to feel physically uncomfortable or anxious while sitting in the treatment chair.
- Sensitive gag reflex that makes dental care uncomfortable.
- Fear and/or anxiety about being at the dentist’s office.
- Past traumatic or negative dental experiences that have caused you to feel nervous about dental care in the present
- You may have another reason. Talk to our dentists about whether sedation can help you relax while you visit us. We have many years of experience offering these relaxation methods, and we can help you find an option that allows you to get the dental care you need in order to maintain great oral health. You can have piece of mind that you are in good hands at Downtown Eugene Dental where Dr. Mercedes R. Del Valle has treated thousands of patients that require sedation dentistry.

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